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FBI Must Return Kim Dotcom’s Illegally Seized Property

Torrent Freak- The New Zealand High Court ordered the police to inspect all digital information illegally seized last year from Kim Dotcom’s mansion, and return everything not directly related to the ongoing prosecution. The judge further ruled that the FBI must ship back cloned drives that were sent to them, and destroy all copies the U.S. The government has archived.

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Settler2152d ago

Great news specially for KIM :)

Soldierone2151d ago

I wonder who gets to sit there and make sure everything is destroyed. They stole it to begin with, why trust that they will actually get rid of it?

NarooN2151d ago

Still sucks how Megaupload was taken down. There were tons of perfectly legal files uploaded there for informational and archival purposes. Damn government agencies need to learn to keep their damned dirty noses out of the internet's business (unless it's like, terrorism or something...)

a_bro2151d ago

It's not just keeping their damn noses out the Internet, but wtf are they doing taking people's property from some country they are not from? They are way out of jurisdiction here.

Trunkz Jr2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

You think that's bad, how about the people that payed $200 for the lifetime membership o.o I was gonna do it at one point, glad I didn't...

Blackdeath_6632151d ago

problem is technology is progressing much faster than the law & justice system is in all countries around the world with some laws dating back to the very start of the internet's lifespan. i also think politicians (again around the world) are completely out of touch with the public regarding the internet,digital copies of products,piracy there are so many grey areas where potentially people will get punished for absolutely nothing