Kim Dotcom announces MegaUpload comeback

The Future Post: Kim Dotcom has announced the return of MegaUpload.

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Speed-Racer2353d ago

Hope he can restore content people lost when the service shut down. Wondering how he's gonna run a free service now... might have to sell his mansion :P Pretty sure it won't be free of course.

Dee_912351d ago

Yea I doubt that stuff is still on the server.I lost alot of stuff when that site went down.
Legit stuff not porn and stuff ofcourse that was missed however :)

justpassinggas2351d ago

Yeah, I had a lifetime account. :(

I bought it for $20 but I had a lifetime account. :'(

I was so sad when the idiotic FBI shut down MU. I lost access to a lot of my backup documents and audios. Good thing I had them saved up on a hard drive and I recovered them before I formatted it.

wjbjnr2352d ago

tunan tunan tunan (Terminator music effect)...... They Won't Dare!! :P

iNFAMOUZ12353d ago

then they will shut it all down again, pointless

Speed-Racer2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Depends where they host though...what domains they use, where their head offices are located on paper, etc.

Kurylo3d2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Somehow i doubt it will be that easy this time. The first time was a blind sided thing out of the public eye. They broke the laws, now im wondering if they even got the balls to do it again without any proof.

Doesnt really matter though, they made their point already anyway. They scared the other file hosting companies out of the US.. least some of them.

Thecraft19892352d ago

If the US government fail at taking them down, and so far they've failed in every way, then what chances has anyone got.

They come back and they are back for good.

searchbuzz2352d ago

It will end up being shut down again. It will take time, but the issue is media attention. Pirate Bay suddenly hit the media in the UK and then all the ISPs block it. Thats the only time they react. Kim isn't helping himself.

GanjaMan2352d ago

not all ISPs have blocked it only 'major' ones and btw its so easy to get on piratebay and its ment to be blocked for me. this link is exactly like piratebay infact it is piratebay, u open this up and tell me this isnt piratebay lol

Raf1k12352d ago

redirects to

sourav932352d ago

It's not PirateBay. The real PirateBay for the UK is this one:

PCGamingNoobs2352d ago

massive publicity stunt lol. only kidding i hope this guy get thing back on track i like him. sock it to em!

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The story is too old to be commented.