The World's first Unlocked 8-Core Processors unveiled

AMD has pulled the curtains on its FX series of processors which includes the first unlocked 8 core processors. Last month they earned a Guiness World Record for the highest clocked speed reecorded with its 8 core CPU which was then codenamed Bulldozer.

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ThePundit2227d ago

You think these could be more powerful than the i7s under Sandy bridge?

RocknRola2227d ago

it sure was the fastest clocked processors

kaveti66162226d ago

faster clock is but one of many factors that indicate power.

Unfortunately for AMD, Intel's SandyBridge line still trumps the latest offering from AMD.

sjaakiejj2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Clock speed says very little about the actual performance of a processor. If you want to know how powerful it is compared to other alternatives, the easiest stat to look at is the number of IPS.

In fact, high Clock Speeds might actually decrease a processors performance, as seen with Intel's Pentium 4 line-up.

eoinrade2226d ago

This is really old news. Sandy Bridges are still better and cheaper for gaming.

TVippy2226d ago

More powerful - yes, cheaper - doubt it.

Agent_hitman2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Nice CPU for gaming, but still expensive cause even the six core i7 can beat this CPU in performance, AMD should cut the price of this to be able to compete with intel..

ThePundit2226d ago

I wonder what's going to happen to AMD if things progress in the same vein - I hope they don't take ATi down with them.

TVippy2226d ago

Exactly man. We need more competition. BTW, imagine Intel's prices if it was one company on the market.