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AMD FX processor brings eight cores to battle, we go eyes-on

Engadget - AMD fans have endured a long wait for this, while being reduced to spectators as Intel spews out an ever-increasing horde of Sandy Bridge variants and builds up the hype around its next-gen Ivy Bridge architecture.

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fatstarr2447d ago

the specs are crazy. 8 cores = tempting but i will wait for intels $1300 variation. its crazy that even though this is 8 cores the i7 is still keeping up with it.

gw4k2447d ago

Sadly this processor doesn't perform very well. i5 intels beat this thing out in speed tests.

fatstarr2447d ago

yea seems the 8 cores are just bragging rights. shame its not a gpu a simple driver update would max that baby out in a couple of weeks.