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Texas Judge brutally beats disabled daughter for Illegal Downloads [Video]

A video has surfaced on YouTube showing a Texas judge brutally punishing his daughter for downloading illegal music and games, which were not available legally at the time. The girl has ataxic cerebral palsy, which led to her having a strong passion for computers and technology. However she said her father had “backwards views” about the topic. (the video was not posted here because viewer discretion is advised).

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RonyDean2363d ago

That is completely messed up. Someone needs to beat him!

Speed-Racer2363d ago

Haha beat might be extreme but it certainly does not serve as a good image for him. Given that his daughter has CP, he should have been a little more concerned at least... guess that's just the narrow mindedness in him.

Anarki2362d ago

Justice........*shades* has been served.

ProjectVulcan2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Looks like that technology he so dislikes just turned around and should end up punishing him...big time. This will easily break a million views...a million people seeing what kind of person you truly are. That is serious punishment.

A perfect irony that the very technology he so brutally beat his daughter over will forever taint his reputation. Classic.

Syko2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )



Syko2363d ago

Ya skimmed through the story after watching video, Aransas was mistaken for Arkansas...The south is the south for the most part anyway ha ha.

Darkfocus2363d ago

Hopefully that judge gets jailed and beat while he's there...

Panthers2362d ago

He needs to go to jail, and get told by a man named Cledus

"Bend over the bed and take it like a woman"

Chidori2362d ago

Absolutely horrid...I couldn't believe how bad that really was. That was way passed the point of punishment to a disobedient child. Pure abuse. I could only imagine what that girl had to go through growing up. No child is perfect, so I'm sure that sad excuse for a parent acted like this for every slip up she made.


Huwmor2362d ago

Is this guy going to jail or what? Jesus, I need to know if there is justice for this terrible person

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The story is too old to be commented.