IGN - Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S

IGN - The ultimate battle between Android and Apple has reached a new level with the introduction of the iPhone 4S and the world's first Android 4.0-equipped Ice Cream Sandwich, Google Galaxy Nexus. As the leading devices of each respective platform, consumers might be wondering how the two match up. Let's take a closer look and find out.

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-Mezzo-2407d ago

I love the first comment on the Story, By "KawiNinja"
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"Here is what this article is saying:

Galaxy Nexus has a lot better specs in every area, TIE"
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I don't understand why do website have a hard time saying that This Phone is much better than iPhone.

Strange_Evil2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

It's actually not... See even I can have my personal opinion and so can you. Just cause the phone has better specs doesn't make it magically better. The Galaxy S2 has a dual core 1.2GHz processor as opposed to the 800MHz Dual core iPhone 4S processor (the iphone 4S has half the RAM) and yet in benchmarks, the 4S beat the GS2. Also, not everyone wants to carry around a TABLET in their pockets...

Some people would love to have a great camera of the iPhone or some people would love to have a Siri kind experience. Some people would like their phones to last them a day without connecting it to the power cord. Some people would like the games or apps better on the App Store.

I am not here to debate the whole iOS vs Android thing.. It's personal preference. I 'personally' love the iOS UI as it's more polished and any 'openness' I want from the platform can be achieved via jailbreaking. That is why I pick an iPhone... With that said, the Nexus is a great phone... Cramp that display in a 4" form factor and I am sold... 4.7" is too big for my liking.

PirosThe4th2405d ago

Benchmarks? What benchmarks?? DUDE you can't directly compare any fucking benchmarks because of the completely different OS... so no
Plus the Nexus has a 720p screen. If there is any drops on frame rate on games it has to do with the extra pixels is pushing.

Speed-Racer2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

@Strange_Evil - You see this is where you are wrong. While the phone may have a 4.65 inch screen, you have to remember the bezel was shaved down AND there are no buttons (or touchscreen buttons) like on all other android (or any other phone as a matter).

the buttons have been integrated into the OS, so the screen now stretches down to the bottom of the phone... making it reasonably sized STILL and having a much bigger viewing area. *hats off to Samsung for that*

I don't even see how you're already shutting down Android 4.0 when pretty much only a few people in the world have tried it.

TheEatingVodka2405d ago

Haha just so you know the benchmarks that you like so much were done with Gingerbread..
Ice cream sandwich supports dual core processors and hardware acceleration just like your lovely iPhone..
Wait for it to come out and then do another benchmark, I can promise you that the Galaxy S2/Nexus will win =]

contra1572405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Well said, well said a lot of people think specs that are bigger mean better. Kinda like back in the day when macintosh was running power pc and all the pentium users thought they had a faster computer then the macintosh. The nexus also might boast a bigger screen but its ppi is much lower than the iphone, better resolution better benchmark speeds iphone wins again. Also who would want a phone bigger then 4 inches?? Must be blind, you could have a small device with a very high resolution screen that is very readable, a lot of people are confused thinking a bigger screen means better readability

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spunkee3112405d ago

Personally I prefer the Iphone. Everyone has their preference.
But what i don't get is how people complain that too many iPhones come out when only 1 new iPhone is introduced every year. Android has quite a few per month.
So if you buy a new Android, within a few months there will be newer better ones released.