iPhone 4S: 'A Console Game in the Palm of Your Hand'

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Apple finally revealed the next iteration of its popular iPhone, the iPhone 4S. The new device comes loaded with a plethora of attractive features, chief among them the A5 processor currently powering iPad 2, opening the door for speedier video games and even more impressive looking graphics.

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Ulf2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

A console... which runs for a really short timespan while gaming on batteries, without the "burden" of buttons, and where all apps need to be written in a high-level language on top of a relatively expensive underlying OS which could suspend the app at any time.


I wonder if these guys realize that the A5 actually has real-world performance on par with decade-old desktop chips like the Pentium 4 -- and that's with all cores operating at 100%, and no power-saving techniques applied. You can excuse some things via the little screen, and high pixel density, but calling it a "console in the palm of your hand" is grossly unjustified.

contra1572392d ago

I agree, but it is shocking how many people would rather use that device then a dedicated console device. shocking. psp,vita for me please. Its awesome to be able to play games on the fly if you dont have your mobile console on you (psp,ds) . nintendo said their sales were hurting a little bit from mobile phones growing popularly with games. To me its kinda crazy , i respect what the phones are capable to do , but to me its not a replacement for a dedicated portable console.

TheIneffableBob2392d ago

The iPhone 4S will have better battery life while gaming than the PS Vita and the graphics chip will be the 2 core version of the Vita's.

For games made for touch only, the 4S will work great.

f7897902391d ago

Which is why I'm wondering why the heck they bother putting so much power into these phones. Are their customers really demanding that much power? I'm not. If I'm going to play a phone game, it will be only for a little bit. I don't need graphics that blow me away.

If Apple continues down this path, it's obvious they're completely lost without Steve Jobs. This isn't what the customer wants!

hard joe2392d ago

not until they have buttons

CynicalVision2392d ago

Which will probably never happen.

Speed-Racer2392d ago

I already hate the current iPods and iPhones for not having buttons, so I can't be convinced with another one.

-Mezzo-2391d ago

You really don't like Apple Products.

Madusha2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

iPhone gaming is good but it definitely is no substitute for gaming consoles. The iPad can do a good job with the joystick and button accessories but still not perfect. I can't imagine playing Battlefield 3, for example, on an iPhone instead of my PS3.

But yes, the iPhone is a 'console game in the palm of your hand' but one that is heavily...what's the word? Disabled? For new gamers I think it wont be a problem but for those who have spent their whole gaming lives using a controller or keyboard buttons, the iPhone is a mess.

mcstorm2392d ago

I think WP7 games offer more than the IPones versions as it has xbox live integration and with MS set to release Windows 8, 360 and WP7 cross release games where you can play over live no matter which device you have I think this is the best mobile gaming option. But I still dont think Mobile devices are going to replace home or hand held consoles as these devices are made for gaming 1st and everything else 2nd. Where a phone is doing around 20 other things in the background like collecting emails, text messages, connecting to wifi ect. Phones are getting better at gaming but consoles and hand held devices will always be better at games just like desktop pcs will be better at games than any other type of pc because they are the leaders in the processors and graphics cards.

Strange_Evil2391d ago

How can Windows Phone 8 gaming be more better than iOS gaming when the thing doesn't have any decent titles or the market share to attract major developers. Apple is the only manufacturer in the mobile market who can really push gaming atm since they sell the most smartphones (even greater than Android and Windows combined). Gaming on a 360 is different than gaming on an iPhone and you need to create exclusive games for it.

So far, I've only seen Apple taking the steps (although in the casual direction) with gaming. It's the only company that's pushing the graphics barrier on mobile devices... I know mobile gaming will never be as popular as console or PC gaming, but the iPhone's bring games like Infinity Blade, Real Racing and Rage which really push the boundaries of what I've seen in the mobile gaming sector.

mcstorm2391d ago

I never Said windows Phone 8 I said Windows Phone 7 and have you played any xbox live games on a windows phone 7? because you will see some of the best looking games on there like fabe and ilomilo plus it has achievements that are liked to you xbox live account. But like I said when the next update is out MS will have games that can be downloaded on the 360 windows 8 and windows phone 7 that are all the same and you can play each other no matter what device you are on over live. Plus to say Apple are pushing the mobile gaming thats not true they dont have any in house studies doing this they are relaying on 3rd party studies to do this so they are not getting any exclusive games to the Iphone as games like Burn the rope angry birds are on both windows phone 7 and android but the windows phone 7 version offers achievements.

Where MS have MS Studies making games exclusive for WP7 so they are not on other devices.

Strange_Evil2391d ago

I still don't get your point. How can you play a game on the 360 or PC and expect the same fidelity on a mobile phone with a quarter of specs and no buttons? I still stand by my statement that nothing comes even close to what Apple showcases in gaming graphics on a mobile phone apart from PSVITA... Infinity Blade 2 shown the other day can rival even Vita graphics.

And achievements are nothing new. Apple has it's own Game center and Achievements along with good online play.

And as far as games are concerned, wake me up when Windows phones even has a 4th of the library iOS has. The games might be 3rd party, but they are there because they sell the most on iOS. Android might have a huge share, but it's predominantly mid end users and Windows phone has hardly come out of the gates, where as Apple has sold a gazillion iphone's and the 4S will probably outsell every win phone put together... So a developer has most incentives to put games on iOS... If that weren't the case, then why is it that the best looking games on iOS such as Infinity Blade, Real Racing 2, Rage, Nova etc are iOS exclusive?

Apple could just buy out a few devs if they want whereas I doubt it's a first priority for MS... They already are at a loss, so shoving money in gaming wouldn't be their first choice IMO...

mcstorm2391d ago

I dont know how it will work but ms have said it will. And to say the iphone can have games looking as good as psv im sorry but no it cant.

Yes the iphone is out selling wp7 at this moment in time but it has only been on the market for 12 months but its name is growing and growing fast with htc samsung and nokia all backing it as well as ms.
Have you ever used a wp7? If you have then you will see my point.

I dont have anyting against the iphone it is good at what it dose but it is now outdated by its software and android and wp7 are a better experience with more choice.

For startes the iphone scree is too small for a high end smart phone and gaming device the smallest needs to be 4".

Take my htc titan the screen is 4.7" so the gaming expirence on the devices is better as the screen is bigger.

And i know appe has the game centre but this has only just been put in place and dose not really offer that much compaired to xbox live.

I dont think you are getting my point though ms are in he best place to be when it comes to games on mobile platforms as they wil have xbox live on 4 different device types 360, wp7, and windows 8 tablets laptops and pc.

This is also what sony are trying to get into with android and the playstation hub but its not quite there yet as there is still a missing link with pcs and apples mac sales are not big enough to put money into to get people to move from windows to a mac because all apple devices are sold at a steep price for what you get.

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