Google Unveils New Site Designs, Leaves Us Going “Huh.” - FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper writes: Google is many things: the ubiquitous search engine for the entire world, an insanely popular e-mail client, the most popular mobile platform of the future, on and on. One thing Google is not, however, is very artistic. Little Google logo doodles aside, their products are plotted, drafted, and executed by waves of engineers and their utilitarian – or worse, inconsistent – interfaces are hardly anything to fawn over. But 2011 is a new year and the internet is being shown the new face of Google, but are they finally getting it down?

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halocursed2517d ago

I'm really digging the new Gmail interface, it's much cleaner. Other design updates are also along the lines of more white space which google is known for.