Are you wasting money on photo-editing software?

Which? Conversation: You’d think removing red eye or cropping your pictures requires expensive photo-editing software. But our latest tests reveal that this isn’t the case at all – have you spent too much on unnecessary software?

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searchbuzz2508d ago

Hmm, maybe downloading photoshop isnt needed so much these days!

toaster2508d ago

Definitely not, I wouldn't want any Adobe crapware mucking up my system either. For touching up photos I use Picasa or Aperture. For serious editing I use Gimp. There really is no reason to spend money on photo editing software unless it's your profession and your job requires CS5. If not, then Gimp will do fine.

techie2508d ago

Get the free stuff out! Not sure about an online only offering though..

Captain Tuttle2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I tried to get a list of the free products from their site and after the third click though I gave up. Each link went to a new article with a new link smh

Edit: I'll definitely try out Picassa, Aperture and Gimp Toaster. Thanks for posting that.

techie2507d ago

Wasn't that hard: full list of software is there. All the free ones have GPB 0.00