Best Bittorrent Programs and Clients of 2011

Best Bittorrent Programs: The Internet is all about sharing and there’s nothing better than p2p clients to download and share content with no cap, but you’re always thinking to yourself, which are some of the best Bittorrent Programs out there? So, I did some research and downloaded a few terabytes in the process, which led to this list of the best Bittorrent programs and clients of 2011.

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dkgshiz2531d ago

Transmission for me. Its a simple bittorrent client that runs perfectly. It comes standard with nearly every linux distro. Also works on OSX and Windows.

Megaton2531d ago

My first was Azureus, before it became Vuze, but I've been on uTorrent for several years now. I really see no reason to go looking for a new client. Had no idea it could be skinned, though.