Researchers demonstrate 100Tbps+ over optical fiber

Remember when researchers told us in October 2010 to expect 1Tbps Ethernet by 2015 and 100Tbps by 2020? Well, they weren't just messing around. At the Optical Fiber Communications Conference in Los Angeles last month, two separate research groups have set a world record by sending information at rate of more than 100 terabits of per second (Tbps) through a single optical fiber.

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michass82575d ago

yeah, I will get that speed in next decade, if ever :(...

iamnsuperman2574d ago

I know by 2020 is unrealistic maybe next 20 to 30 years at least but in the next ten not a chance. The cost would be enormous.

michass82574d ago

and it still have place in some regions only... I don't think that everybody will get this rate...

Megaton2575d ago

We've come a long way from 14.4. Hopefully this becomes the norm in my lifetime, and isn't monstrously capblocked by ISPs.

mindedone2575d ago

Capblocked? Some places hope to be so lucky to THEORETICALLY get this speed. I'm working with < 2Mbps dl and < .5Mbps upload, with no throttling.

Megaton2574d ago

I meant monthly bandwidth caps.

mindedone2573d ago

I understood what you meant. I was explaining that I will never be affected by bandwidth caps where I am.

fatstarr2574d ago

the future is crazy if this actually comes through my god.
i dont know what i would download. nothing would beable to keep up

toaster2574d ago

GAMES!! I could probably download my entire Steam library in a few minutes!

gaden_malak2574d ago

Minutes? You'll download it before you click Ok. lol

Downtown boogey2574d ago

Why download, even?
You could stream everything.

Syko2574d ago

Steam won't go above 3-4 Mbps...I get 40Mbps all day on my Usenet server but I think Steam must be capped at around 5Mbps...

I wonder if my Usenet connection could even handle that kind of speed though. People get up to 150Mbps no problem. This would probably remotely burn down the server lol.

michass82574d ago

they will get that speed, but monthly allowance will be only 30GB lol

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