Illegal TV streamers, here's how the feds will hunt you down

When the US government decides to take down a website offering access to free TV streams over the Internet, it doesn't mess around. Newly unsealed court documents show that Brian McCarthy, the 32-year old alleged operator of, got the complete treatment—investigators dug into his domain name registrar, his ISP, his Gmail account, his ad brokers, and the Texas driver's license database. They even sent a surveillance team to the Deer Park, Texas home where McCarthy lived with his parents.

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sjaakiejj2696d ago

That's stupid. The feds should fix the bigger problems first. 5 years of prison for a website that itself doesn't actually host any illegal content, instead of hunting down people for guncrime?

Software_Lover2696d ago

The only way i could watch football games at work. I still dont see what the big deal is. People have to sign up to stream their channel. These corporations need to get off of their high horses and offer consumers better options that are more affordable.