TSA: Show Us Your Body Or We'll Feel You Up

The TSA screeners have a new enhanced pat down which has been likened to "foreplay." What's that? You don't want to be fondled for TSA's new aggressive and controversial body searches? TSA is counting on that, counting on you to instead choose for airport screeners to see a picture of the intimate contours of your naked body via the scanners.

The aggressively enhanced TSA pat down involves over-the-clothes searches of passengers' breast and genital areas.

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Syko2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I'll take the genital pat down...Out of protest of course o_0

doctorstrange2813d ago

You should never pass up the chance of a free genital pat down

Speed-Racer2812d ago

What if it's an old sweaty hairy dude?

_Q_2813d ago

For me...

Either way, someone is in for a treat =P


snoop_dizzle2812d ago

Just hope it's not cold in the room! ;)

michass82813d ago

no more 'kamikaze' on the airports ... :D

GodsHand2813d ago

That's body scan looks creepy. I thought we would of seen something like they had in Total Recall, where people just passed threw a hall/scanner, that shwoed the skeleton, and would track something it detected on the person.

michass82813d ago

I would feel naked... :D