Google hit with record €4.3bn Android fine

The European Commission has claimed Android unfairly cemented Google's dominance of search.

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sonicwrecks274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Yikes! But considering their influence not an unexpected amount.

trippyaaron274d ago

what a scam. i hate google and all (and every other company listed), but at least let them compete. the reason these companies are so powerful is because of suckers that constantly complain about monopolies but willingly continue using google or shopping at walmart. do you people want to know how to get these companies to listen? don't buy their products you idiot

MoonConquistador273d ago

So in short, it's all our fault but just not yours?

How very insightful (and grown up)

trippyaaron273d ago

well, i actively avoid giving these companies money and avoid using their products at all costs, so i don't see how i, or anyone else with the same attitude, are to blame

kevnb272d ago

Well there’s iOS and android, nothing else is viable.

princejb134272d ago

sadly you are right. Amazon and google are dominating the market because people don't bother using other services. Especially amazon which has been killing retail stores for a few years. People are just to lazy to go and buy things. They would rather shop from the convenient of their home. 10 years from now i wouldn't be surprised if retail fails to exist

Cobra951272d ago

People will always gravitate toward what is easiest and cheapest. Blaming them is like blaming water for flowing downhill. Government alone has the power to curb abuses and monopolies. Only it has enough muscle to level the playing field.

Cobra951272d ago

I waste no love on the EU. They've become too authoritarian, and are choking Europe and Britain to death. Because of that, I don't trust that this action against Google is warranted. I'm all for strong anti-trust, however. So I don't know how to feel about this. I don't have enough info to be sure one way or the other.

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FreakyFox273d ago

This is all fine and dandy, but where is that €4.3 billion going to? Because it aint going into the users pocked, that is for sure. The European Union is making money out of suing big companies, while they strangle small companies from competing, with silly EU directives. They are talking about Google dominance, but for example, what about the UK's fishing waters that the EU dominates?

2 wrongs dont make a right.

BLAKHOODe272d ago

That's the way Justice works. Consider a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. Nothing physical, just arguing that got a little loud. The cops are called, both are arrested. The court fines both. The couple would have been fine an hour later, but Justice had to step in and profit off their misunderstanding. That's how it works.

Cobra951272d ago

What would you have them do instead, break up Google into separate companies, one hardware and one software? That almost happened to Microsoft, over a similar issue. It did happen to AT&T, but that was before governments were largely in the pockets of corporations. Would you prefer to see the Google brass jailed? Fines are what we have that exacts punishment and cost mitigation in our legal system, without going overboard into truly destructive measures. If you can think of something better, let us know.