Can Microsoft’s new Surface Go launching next month be an iPad killer?

Microsoft has introduced the all-new Surface Go tablet. Starting at $399, the new device is smaller and less powerful than the Surface Pro. Whether this is an “iPad killer” or not, remains to be seen, however.

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ChrisW227d ago

The term "~ killer" is way too easily tossed around--pathetically at that.

The only thing that can kill a juggernaut like Apple is Apple itself. As to whether or not MS can create something that is comparable to the iPad would be highly welcomed, especially since strong competition has been proven time and time again to improve advancement.

2pacalypsenow227d ago

Lol another "Ipad killer".

Give it a rest, there's no such thing

N8227d ago

Most of the people that buy iPads buy them because apple makes them. No iPad killer, no iPhone killer

timotim226d ago

I think it's made yo compete with iPad, not be its killer. I see it doing just that though, competing. I'll be getting one for my 9 year old daughter for sure over an iPad because it's more capable for her case use...mainly for school.

Full web, MicroSD, option to upgrade to full W10H. She can do all the tablet centric things like Netflix, Hulu, drawing and coloring apps, games, iReady. For those invested in the Windows ecosystem, it's the better option.