Facebook has a "I am Sorry" TV commercial

Neocrisis - Have you ever seen a Facebook TV commercial? I sure haven’t. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s official! Facebook now has their very own TV commercial. Congrats!

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kalkano142d ago

"We'll accomplish these goals by preventing conservatives from speaking."

LightofDarkness142d ago

If the only way you know how to speak is through lies and subterfuge, you probably shouldn't be given a platform to do so.

KillZallthebeast142d ago

Lol yes hiding others thoughts and opinions claiming its because it's lies and subterfuge isn't also lies and subterfuge xD

2pacalypsenow142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Do you work for Facebook?

You must of loved Stalin and Hitler.

Cobra951142d ago

Lies still aren't necessary. But with an increasing number of media gatekeepers trying to choke off conservative voices, subterfuge may soon be.

LightofDarkness141d ago

If your opinions are based on demonstrably fallacious or non-existent data, or are merely the product of personal prejudices and hatred, then your opinions are WRONG. They need to be changed, and if you won't change them, that means you are being wilfully ignorant and dishonest. If you do not or cannot speak from a position founded in truth or reason, and display an ethically compromised approach to the freedom of expression you have been granted, then I would not allow you to disseminate information freely. In fact, nor does the US government or most other governments in the civilised world. You are free to express or speak so long as you do not exercise that right in form of hate speech, incitement to violence, false statements and many more.

Freedom of speech does not mean you get to say whatever you want, where ever you want, whenever you want.

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