More and more U.S. teenagers prefer iPhones over Android

According to a new survey by Piper Jaffray, a securities investments and research firm, more and more U.S. teens are choosing iPhones over competing Android products.

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Gwiz310d ago

probably a status symbol,Android is for the less fortunate lol. (I am one too but I don't care about status)

Speed-Racer310d ago

Where I live, Apple is seen as a huge status symbol but many cannot afford the latest versions. So you see a lot of people still buying the 6S or 7 just to save a few bucks over the newer models. I got the 8 Plus and was surprised at people's reactions towards it, but then when I visited the US earlier this year, everyone has an iPhone. Dime a dozen.

OmnislashVer36310d ago

Eh. Status symbols are kind of dumb. I don't mean to brag but there's just simple stuff Android does that iPhone doesn't

-easily rooted for features like YouTube without Ads, background play, dark themes for all apps so you don't get blinded using it at night(super practical), internet with no Ads
-Android's sound quality is higher, which is odd when iPhone was a phone spin-off of the iPod. If you're rooted you can take it a step further with ViPER FX, the best sound mod you can get really.(amazing difference)
-far more customizable interface
-more apps
-more differentiation between models. Something for every price point

Just really practical stuff when you think of it. In many ways iPhone is wildly impractical and they've even made excuses for throttling their phones. They're not exactly cutting edge either, they have to wait years to get Android features. If it weren't for the fact most owners were rich kids I'd feel bad about them choosing something like an iPhone. I mean a music phone with crappy sounding music? Shit.

SirBillyBones310d ago

Where I live (UK), more and more people are wising up and switching to Android. Iphones are seen as overpriced and outdated, and people are increasingly looking down on Apple 'nerds' who blindly follow the brand.

zodiac909310d ago

Because people in the UK tend to be smarter than ppl in the U.S, lets not forget. :)

Kostche306d ago

joking right? have you seen the state this country also

Traingamez310d ago

everytime i go to amurica i get everyone wanting to touch my iPhone 11. it is made of solid gold and baby teeth

HRoach616310d ago

I use iPhone because I’m old enough to have had flip phones lol iPhones were the first easily usable, well marketed smartphones. In Canada at least. I’ve had one since the iPhone 3G. Now I can’t switch. I have all my music through iTunes and I just like the user interface having used them so long. Most people use them because they are easy to use. Everything works as you expect them to.
Androids are more versatile and a better value for what you get admittedly. But they can be a pain in the ass to use and everyone I know who has an android doesn’t even use the full capabilities of it. Android does a lot iPhone doesn’t if you care to use it all.
But in the end it’s strictly personal preference. They aren’t drastically different.

SunnyZ310d ago

Undeniable proof that the average IQ of American kids is plummeting.

2pacalypsenow310d ago

Your comment is undeniable proof that the average IQ of American adults is a result of that...

SunnyZ310d ago

Who says I'm American?
Your comment is undeniable proof that Americans think only of themselves.

zodiac909309d ago

@2pacalypsenow You seem to take alot of offence to everyone on this phone who disagrees with you..are the American teens paying you to defend them? LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.