Apple confirms that its $350 HomePod leaves marks on wooden surfaces

Outlets who have received early review samples of Apple’s new Homepod smart speaker system realized that the $350 device was damaging some wooden surfaces.

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SRN_Tech299d ago

Looks like the same is true for Sonos speakers.

jazzking2001299d ago

HOW SHAMEFUL!! For the article to suggest that someone use a $1 coaster for a $350 device.

terrorofdeath298d ago

How about...a free coaster from your local bar?

KnowTechie298d ago

I'm gonna place mine on my Microsoft Surface.

thorstein299d ago

"confirms" We all knew they did. Why do we need apple to confirm that their products do something. This is becoming a common thing with this company.

"Apple confirms they were screwing over their customers with updates that killed batteries in older devices."
"Apple confirms slowing down older iphones."
"Apple confirms they are shoving a giant white dildo up your ass and asking you to pay for the privilege."

Profchaos299d ago

Next year introducing the itable a metal table that runs entirely self sufficiently and does not need to be plugged in or connected. And it even supports our assistant

Scottyabanks298d ago

Now presenting the icoaster! Only $99.99.

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