Apple Is Lobbying Against Your Right to Repair iPhones, New York State Records Confirm

Behind the scenes, Apple is trying to kill legislation that would make it easier for normal people to fix iPhones.

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KingPin371d ago

this is just so they can raise the prices of repairs or spares and force you to buy a new phone instead.
but no worries, generally apple users upgrade annually coz having the old model is so last season.

annoyedgamer370d ago

Yaaaass ✌✌✌

Starbucks later bae? ❤❤

~iPhone user

Kokyu370d ago

Yeah its fine they are attacking your rights as long as you have new model who cares right?

KingPin370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

havent you heard..."Apple can do no wrong".

just ask zerg. lol

2pacalypsenow370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Every company wishes they could have that influence with their fanbase. If Apple can do that with consumers, they are doing something right.

bluefox755370d ago

And they wonder why they're losing market share.

zodiac909370d ago

LOOL you guys are savage af. But also correct af ;)

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DillyDilly371d ago

& shit like this is why Im glad I switched from Apple

chris235370d ago

meh. i don't care anymore. i am a developper but stopped buying new phones annually because i am fed up with these marginal changes every year. also the battery of the iphone starts fucking up exactly after 9-12 months. right before the new model is on the horizon. i think they are building them deliberately that way. this is another reason i stopped buying annually. as a customer i feel i'm treated like a cashcow. i'm sure many others are thinking and acting like that.

SunnyZ368d ago

I have zero doubt they are under-engineering their hardware so it fails faster.
Just look at the light globe.
One company totally over engineered the incandescent so it burned brighter and basically lasted for ever.
No other light bulb companies liked this so they bankrupted em, got together formed a monopoly and agreed to make poor quality bulbs that need to replaced more often.

Greed is an evil thing.

Artemidorus370d ago

Also upping the price year after year.

Sashamaz369d ago

"Apple, Verizon, and the tech industry's largest trade organizations". Who are these other orgs? I have a feeling this may include pretty much every large company that makes smart phones.

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