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Hurry! Apple AirPods are in stock right now on Amazon with 2-day Prime shipping

This is not a drill. Amazon has Apple's insanely popular AirPods in stock right now. Go!

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KingPin352d ago

why would you wanna buy airpods for $238 when you can get Bose in ear wireless for $30 dollars less with 10x better sound....

KnowTechie352d ago

no W1 chip in Bose headphones tho

KingPin352d ago

W1 is over-hyped piece of hardware that people buy into which is nothing new for apple users.

if people are too lazy to do 3 extra clicks to sync decent pair of bluetooth headphones, than i guess they also too lazy to research better headphones out there.

Haurus348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

Both are overpriced garbage. Bose is a marketing company. They specialize in patenting fancy buzz words and using them to manipulate people with limited technical knowledge. They are completely clueless when it comes to making quality audio equipment. This applies equally to speaker, headphones and earphones. (Their noise canceling tech is decent though)

Better alternatives:
JBL Reflect Contour = <$100
B&O Beoplay H5s = <$250 (Also somewhat of a lifestyle brand, you pay a bit more for the aesthetics, but unlike Bose they actually have good sound quality.)

Haurus348d ago

A couple more options:

Jaybird X3 = $100
Sony AS600BT = $100

Bonus: Currently on sale for $44 and still better sound quality than anything from Apple or Bose.