Facial recognition Facebook app hoax terrifies the internet

A fake facial recognition app that claimed to be able to identify strangers from a photograph has turned out to be a publicity stunt.


Admin note: As the story was updated to reflect the fact that this app was a hoax, the title and description have been also changed accordingly.

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KingPin710d ago

this is creepy, facebook does it privately without the public knowing and its perfectly ok.

its getting easier and easier to let strangers into your life whether you want to or not.

Phoenix76710d ago

Read the first few lines of the article first mate.
It's totally fake and was nothing more than a publicty stunt

dcbronco710d ago

This is fake, but I'm sure it gave a real hacker or two some ideas. Now that it's out there someone will secretly do this. This has potential for a lot of dangerous uses and people need to be aware of what they put online.

This is also a wakeup call for politicians to tighten privacy laws. A guarantee of privacy is in constitutions, but it needs to be.

annoyedgamer710d ago

Well facebook searched through your contact list and matches profiles...

Axecution709d ago (Edited 709d ago )

Confirmed its fake