HDMI 2.1 embraces the 8K HDR-filled future of television

8K at 60Hz, Dynamic HDR and 8K streaming - welcome to the future

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InTheZoneAC502d ago

we don't even have real 4k streaming yet we're already talking about 8k. Top of the line rigs can barely handle 4k AAA games. 4k will see it's potential with most of the consumer market within the next 8 years. Until then leave 8k out of this and make it affordable once the market is ready to move on from 4k to 8k.

NerveGearneeded501d ago

you cant stop the march of techological progress and it is asymmetrical

883501d ago

Sometimes what is termed "technological progress" is not necessarily progress -- it's just another option, minimal/incremental change, or something extra with benefit in areas other than what it is being presented as.

883501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

The real kicker is that MANY people are sitting too far from or have too small of a screen to actually be able to FULLY resolve the level of detail that is available with well done 1080p material --nevermind 4K or 8K... I don't love how the public is constantly being told what they should "need" when most of the public has little to no awareness of the game.

Gaming4Life1981501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

I have a samsung 55 inch 4k hdr tv and its great but i have it in a small room so im good i think. Why do you have to sit close to see the best results from these 4k tv's is my question?

8k is so far away from mainstream as the first poster said, 4k stuff is so limited as of now and with the reselling of 4kultra hd blurays i doubt many will hop on. Yea the 4k tv's will sell but thats about it and i upgraded my netflix to 4k and immediately downgraded lol. Hell i even bought xmen on 4k ultra hd for 30 bucks and yea it looked great but bluray looked great as well so no need but i had to test the tv. Now gaming is a different story but its not 4k cause ive been doing that for a while but the hdr supported games take gaming to the next level.

883501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

What you have observed is just the reality of what many are going to see as they catch up with you and step up to 4K. 4K televisions' greatest strengths are probably not in added "detail" but in the fact that most future 4K sets will support HDR + DCI/P3. These are the features that are FAR more likely to make most people say "wow" -- but many will just think it's the magic of that ubiquitous marketing term "4K". Again, the detail that 1080p can display is (frankly) not seen by most viewers if one goes by average seating distances relative to the average screen sizes that have been most popular over the last several years. Now, what 4K does offer is the opportunity to sit very close to a screen and or have a very large screen while not being bothered by highly visible pixels. With a large gaming monitor this is wonderful to have everything smooth and clear even up close (it's not so much the "added detail" --- again, the detail bump really is not THAT great since 1080p done right can offer wonderful detail). Additionally, it is engrossing and almost overwhelming to be able to sit quite close to an 80+" television with a good 4K Blu ray and not have the visible pixels ruin the experience. --- Also, where passive 3D is concerned, 4K is excellent. To be blunt, if HDR + DCI/P3 were available on 1080p televisions, many consumers would get just as much of a boost as they every will with 4K. 8K?... Whatever...It will be awesome when I can afford a home theater with an iMax size screen (and run the same setup that NVIDIA had for their CES conference last night with 10 quadro GPUs :-) --- oh wait, that would require good multi GPU support to be of any use)...

883501d ago

This gives a good answer to your questions Gaming4Life1981:

NerveGearneeded501d ago

"For gamers, HDMI 2.1 brings Game Mode VRR - allowing variable refresh rate, a feature that should solve some of the problems around lag, stutter and tearing. Last but not least, there is eARC support for advanced audio formats."

this is great news.