Best Everything: Best Smartphones 2016

So you're looking for the best Android smartphone or maybe an iPhone upgrade or you're that unique breed of Windows 10 mobile lovers. Worry not, here's the best smartphones 2016 could offer.

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Speed-Racer474d ago

lolololol @ saying the Edge is better than the Pixel XL. I guess you haven't tested either devices. Even though on paper the Samsung has better specs, the Pixel XL still has better real world battery life performance and takes better pics. Plus you don't have to deal with Samsung's crappy interface.

thegud1473d ago

Well that's completely on personal preference! I still would prefer the Edge!

Speed-Racer473d ago

Specs on paper doesn't equate to a better phone. At the end of the day this an Opinion and your opinion, so my points still stand.

Phunkydiabetic1473d ago

TouchWiz is absolutely horrible. Don't get me started on the bloatware Samsung phones come with...