iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Price, Specs and more compared

Apple has recently launched its new line-up of flagship phones, mainly the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The Plus is the larger version, falling into the phablet category with its 5.5 inch display. As such, it’s going to compete directly with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, highly anticipated phablet that Samsung will be releasing on the 17th of October.

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emilysmithltg1436d ago

The Galaxy Note 4 beats the 6 Plus any day. Awesome battery, the best screen you can find and great stylus interface. What more do we need from a phablet?

annoyedgamer1436d ago

I wonder if the G3 qualifies as a phablet...

My_Outer_Heaven1436d ago

The real question is, will it blend? Cough I mean bend.

Gondee1436d ago

Did he even proof read that shit?

snake-OO1436d ago

The site claims iPhone 6 plus has 2 GIG of ram, which it does not. It only has 1 GIG of ram.

Cryptcuzz1436d ago

Yeah iPhone 6 only has 2GB RAM. I'm going to go with the Note 4 and plan on mixing it up a little with the bronze gold color.