The wait is finally over: Microsoft debuts Office Mobile for iPhone (hands-on)

BGR: Microsoft was working on Office for both iOS and Android.
Well the wait is finally over: Microsoft is ready to start bringing its class-leading Office software to new platforms, and it’s starting with Apple’s iPhone.

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In2iti0n2105d ago

This is going to be fun to try, that's for sure.

Microsoft's buggy software on mobile platforms...

justinbkerr2104d ago

Microsoft makes the most stable and popular software in the world. Windows and Office products are hardly "buggy".

In2iti0n2104d ago

Oh, you mean, stable like Windows? I see...

Nucky2104d ago

Do you know how rarely I can see that someone actually likes Microsoft's software?

I mean, naturally, I don't like it too, and I have to agree it's buggy. It is true that they improved on it in the last couple of years, but, overall... They are percieved as a company who creates software that crashes and freezes.

That's what they're famous for.

Cueil2102d ago

@Nucky I haven't had Windows crash on me in nearly a decade from something related to Microsoft's software

evil_element2104d ago

Do people get excited by spreadsheets, reports and charts??

Cueil2102d ago

bought a windows phone because of it and it's saved my ass more times then I can account in the last year and a half