Facebook’s stock has lost 31% of its value since it went public one year ago

TNW - On May 18th, 2012, Facebook went public at a per-share price of $38. The company experienced a brief gain, spiking into the 40s, but ended its first day of trading just a few cents above the set $38 price.

The following days saw the stock decline, under its listing price. The stock would fall as low as $17.55 before it began a period of recovery. As Facebook has grown its income from mobile users, and proven that its desktop market share isn’t transitory, investors have warmed to its shares.

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-Mezzo-2137d ago

So many people lost so much money.

KingPin2135d ago

what is the point of facebook stock?
could someone please tell me what is facebooks source of income on a day-to-day basis.