Facebook loses millions of users as biggest markets peak

Guardian - Facebook's dominance in the social media world has come under threat from newer services such as Instagram and Path.

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-Mezzo-1636d ago

I think Twitter & Google Plus did more damage than Instagram & Path ( Or Any Other ).

Plus, people were eventually gonna get bored with it.

cee7731635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

google plus is A slow killer every android/gmail user is A potential user hundreds of millions of devices it all starts with saving pics on the G+ cloud then bam android is A trojan horse for G+

M-M1635d ago


Google+ is junk, the more they try to shove it in my face, the more I tend to stay away from it.

Speed-Racer1635d ago

@cee - you mean the Facebook clone?

sikbeta1635d ago

Doesn't matter if G+ is crap or not, the thing is in every piece of OS, Chrome and more...

And to think some people were talking about how FB was not going to become a fad like every other social crap before it...

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fatstarr1635d ago

to be honest
twitter is dead
google plus never caught on
instagram and tumblr get boring
and path is a joke unless you remake yourself.

facebook is the girl back home you always go back to see.

social networks plague the internet
we need to go back to the forums and mmos.

UnwanteDreamz1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Untill that one day when you return and realise she let herself go. #$%^ Facebook.

Speed-Racer1635d ago

I don't think Twitter is anywhere near dead, but the key really is following the right people and interacting with them.

fatstarr1635d ago

when I say dead. I mean it isnt how it used to be back in its glory days/years.

the OG users of twitter are definitely bored thats for sure.

caseh1635d ago

Well Facebook own Instagram, doesn't matter if people who used to Coca-Cola now drink Fanta, still the same parent company reaping the benefits.

badkolo1635d ago

does anyone use google plus, seriously?

Petro1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I do, so does most of my buddies. Cant live without Hangout and the automatic image uploads.

Thefreeman0121635d ago

Facebook is becoming more of a nucence than it is useful. I'm tired of it and have been contemplating deleting it for a while now

imXify1635d ago

I only use Facebook for messaging but it's starting to piss me off. I now see pure porn images/vids on my wall like 3 times a week -__-

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