Android Is Popular Because It’s Cheap, Not Because It’s Good

Gizmodo: The story goes like this: The iPhone comes out, and it's the only smartphone anyone wants, because there's never been anything like it. It is the smartphone. Step forward a few years, and Apple is losing to Google—at least in sheer numbers of phones being sold. What happened?

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newsguy1944d ago

let the flame wars begin!

LOL_WUT1943d ago

Hey, someone had to say it.

gapecanpie1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Android can do pretty much anything an apple phone can but so much better. My girl has a Iphone 4S and she always complain about how user friendly it isnt but because its apple shes keeping it. Something as simple as making a ringtone is stright hell on the Iphone and requires a computer which by the way if isn't a mac is even more hell she was complaining the whole time. On android making a ringtone is easy as 123 and android is so much more easy to mod, I love overclocking my phone when i need the extra power and having voltage control over my phone battery life is awesome.

Captain Tuttle1944d ago

Sounds like a bitter Apple fanboy. Isn't the Galaxy S3 the best selling smartphone in the world? Apple has simply failed to innovate

gamernova1944d ago

Apple Maps. I am finished.

Unztayble1944d ago

and Apple is good because they're over-priced?

KingPin1944d ago

Apple is good because they're over-hyped.

caseh1944d ago


Thats the irony of it, Android devices are in general far cheaper yet iOS are still adding the funcionality and features Android has had for years and the best still isn't as good. :)

Speed-Racer1943d ago

If and when they introduce NFC....

"This revolutionary method of transferring data as the touch of your phone"

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The story is too old to be commented.