TechSpy @ CES: A Walk Around CES Day 1

TechSpy: "First of all before you read anymore I command you to click the link and look at these pictures. If you had to deal with uploading hundreds of photos on basically a dial up connection you would be as spent as I am right now.

Besides that, this is a photographic tour of some of the very best sights from all around CES 2013 so far. With more to come in the following days. Get active in the comments and tell us what you would like to see, or see more of."

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Syko1988d ago

Special Thanks to Shmammy and Racer-X for all the work put in today as well.

AgentWhite1987d ago

This is Great. i wish i could be the part .

Shmammy1987d ago

Yes yes! I know Im awesome!! :)

fatstarr1987d ago

lucky people *cough* next year lets have a group trip with some lucky tech spy members *cough cough*.

press passes to E3 would make my day.