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Submitted by -Mezzo- 1154d ago | news

Has the iPhone peaked? Apple’s iPhone 4S seen outselling iPhone 5

BGR - Apple (AAPL) investors received more cause for alarm late Thursday evening as new research suggested consumer interest in Apple’s popular iPhone lineup may have peaked. Shares of Apple were down more than 25% last month from a September high of $705.07 as investors began to panic about Apple’s future. The stock has bounced back slightly since late November, however a new report questioning Apple’s biggest money-earner could sour investor sentiment yet again. (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Phones)

-Mezzo-  +   1155d ago
Was bound to happen, Apple need to stop with this 'Next Phone, iPad, Mac, Macbook' every 10 months crap.
evil_element  +   1154d ago
Apple always been like that. Or they go like Samsung and release a product every week.

Sure Iphone 5, 5s, 5t, 5u, 5v, 5w, 5x, 5y, 5z, 5sa, 5sb, 5sc, 5sd, 5se, 5sf, 5sg, 5sh, 5si, 5sj, 5sk, 5sl, 5sm, 5sn, 5so, 5sp, 5sq, 5sr, 5ss, 5st e.t.c

Saturate the market till everyone gets sick of the products and moves on.
Speed-Racer  +   1154d ago
5S GTR Mark-II
Army_of_Darkness  +   1154d ago
But, But...
I'm 1/2 inch bigger!?!?!
Moentjers  +   1154d ago
Didn't count them but there are like 10 pages...
Crazyglues  +   1153d ago
@ Moentjers

yes I agree with Moentjers, they are just keeping up with the times..

all of these cell phone providers have like 10 different phones of the same phone.. (Droid keeps making a new one, Samsung keeps making a new one)

Hell, Google's Android O.S. signs up 1.4 million new users a day -(think about that for a second, that's tablets, cell phones, laptops in a single day)

It's what the public want's, they keep expecting a newer phone with more power more features.. so these companies try to feed the demand..

(every year at least 4to5 million people come to a smart phone for the first time, not to mention people upgrading)

You can't stand still in the Cell Phone market, Look at what happens when you do... Motorola use to be the number one cell phone maker - but they stood still for too long enjoying there razor flip phone success and then guess what.. Soon the flip was no longer impressive. -No one cared anymore.

-And at this point what more could apple really do to the phone, Ask yourself this, what is it you want your phone to do that it does not already do?

Other companies have caught up to Apple - and they are starting to pass apple -Tim Cook is good but he's no Steve Jobs, he has no idea what your next phone needs in it to corner the market again.
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ATi_Elite  +   1153d ago
LMFAO.........are the Apple Drones FINALLY tired of buying the same product every year!

Seriously the ipad, iphone, ipod touch all do the SAME DARN thing!

Apple should sell Tents for the idiots who love to camp out at Apple Stores every year.....that would get those Stock prices back up!
Tzuno  +   1154d ago
Hahahahhhh, nice to see people that open their eyes and wake the fk' up from stupidity.
ABizzel1  +   1153d ago
I have to disagree. The iPhone is probably the only Apple product that's all around worth it.

The price $199 is standard Cell Phone price, and it may not be the best anymore (love my GS3, the note, and other competition) it's still top 5 in the US. It has the best app store, and exclusives games, apps, and feature that android are just now implementing.

Now everything else I completely agree with.

Laptops and Desktops are outrageously high for no reason ($600 less get the same PC, $600 more get a PC that completely destroys a mac). Desktops don't fare much better. And now that they're using similar PC specs. you can boot Mac OS on PC's and some laptops if you take the time to make some minor modifications (so save your $600 if it's really that important).

Tablets are outrageously overpriced. iPad has the best screen, but it's not worth $100 - $200 more than the competition (Nexus series, transformer series, or Galaxy series). Especially the iPad Mini.

And even the iPod's are too expensive for what you're getting.
RPG1201  +   1154d ago
@ Mezzo, Evil, Tzunoy. I'm really glad not everyone is a sucker.
@ Racer-X you sir have made my day im on the floor laughing and writing
cee773  +   1154d ago
dual core is enough for the masses
Mkai28  +   1154d ago
Not enough to justify a purchase with a device that comes out every 10 months..
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TwistedMetal  +   1154d ago
Some people dont want the 5 because its bigger. Also alot of people i know will just stick with the iphomne they have and wait until they get an upgrade discount because apple releases these every year with minimal upgrades. At the price of iphones people cant be upgrading every year for minor upgrades. Iphones havent been selling out like they used to in my opinion. Iphones used to be cool because only a select few would have them for a while. But now everyone has them.

Apple needs to go all out with every new iphone and they need to make it 1.5-2 years wait with every release. They can sprinkle a new ipad or ipod in between those 2 years. I dont know why they havent been doing this in the first place.

Release iphone 6 2013. 1 year later release a new ipad or ipod 2014. 2nd year release iphone 7 2015. release upgrade ipods and mac computers 2016.

they need to stagger this stuff and leave space.
iliimaster  +   1153d ago
i had a iphone 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s and now ima Samsung gs3 guy and wont look back ill keep the 4s as my ipod
Smokingunz  +   1153d ago
Crazy article! But very interesting indeed. Im not really surprised. As a big iphone fan, apple has been coming out with the same phone every year with minimal upgrades.

I think apple really needs to do what android does and make every iphone release a significant jump in tech from the previous phones and include every upgrade possible, thats needed. No nfc and other perks hat should've been included in the 5 is a no no. Every iphone release is the same as the previous one which is why people dont upgrade to the newer. iphones. Why upgrade to the 5 from the 4s where there really isn't a difference? Thats why the 4s is selling more and on top of that its only $100 now.

I have a s3 and its great but I still think iphone is better! Its a better build phone with a better ios and better and more apps.

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