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Microsoft Reveals Surface Pro Pricing Details, Launches in January

Maximum PC: Generally speaking, guessing games are fun, just not when it comes to having the guess the price or launch details or a highly anticipated product. Good news, then. You can stop wondering how much Microsoft's Surface with Windows 8 Pro (Surface Pro from here on out) tablet will cost or when it launch, because Microsoft revealed both today. Short and to the point, Surface Pro will hit store shelves in January, 2013. (Gadgets, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Pro, PC hardware, Surface, Windows, Windows 8)

taint  +   949d ago
$900 isn't an unreasonable amount, it's just too much to pay for an experiment.
justinbkerr  +   949d ago
Not as high as I thought it would be.
Software_Lover  +   949d ago
The only, AND I MEAN THE ONLY THING, i hate about this ultrabook craze is the pricing structure. They are following the APPLE lead, charge more for less. I can get a decent laptop with a great dedicated GPU and a disk drive for the same or less.

I do understand the supply and demand issue, but they could sell more if they fix the pricing structure, which I'm sure they aren't gonna do.

It's make or break time for Microsoft with the surface pro. Cant wait.
murkster-dubez  +   949d ago
But that said laptop does not have a touch screen or a pen digitiser
gamer7804  +   949d ago
Sometimes less is more. I dont always want to lug around a hefty albeit powerful laptop.

The pen, touchscreen and ssd memory are nice ; but do drive costs up.
Gondee  +   949d ago
Microsoft expects their products to just fly off shelves because they build a little hype. Half-ass is the only way to described every entry into other markets (Zune, Windows Phone 7, RT). They think they can be like apple and release something and have it be a winner. It doesnt work that way anymore Microsoft!!! Apple can do it because people know the brand, trust it will be supported into the future, and most importantly apple generally builds on the previous design. People know what they are getting. Every time they do this, people get less confident in the company, and the harder it will be for them to produce a winner in the future.
A company without direction.
Revvin  +   949d ago
Its more powerful than the current range of tablets but not as powerful as a laptop. It just looks like a bit of a nowhere device. Bigger and heavier than your average iPad/Android tablet that makes browsing the internet so easy. Less powerful than your laptop which has a decent keyboard all built into the package you carry around for when you need to work on the go and obviously less powerful and less able than your desktop computer. It just doesn't fill that space that lets me ditch my tablet and laptop.
Captain Tuttle  +   948d ago
Pretty salty
SkyGamer  +   948d ago
I have an MSI windpad with 8 gb ddr-1333 and 120 gb m-sata with 8 pro. Works great!
LNDCalling  +   948d ago
For this price you could pretty much buy a Google Nexus 4, 7 and 10 plus a Chromebook!

Count me out!

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