AdTrap – A Hardware Solution To Blocking Online Ads In Development - Adtrap is a small box that costs 120$, runs on Linux and blocks all the advertisements that a user might face while surfing internet. But what is spacial about this box is that it can also connect itself to mobile devices and other hardware, removing the need to install any applications on the device. AdTrap also regularly updates itself with new advertiser schemes so that it can prevent 100% of the ads reaching the target.

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DarkFireHawk2070d ago

Do people really care that much for ads? they aren't really annoying anymore, they are an accepted part of internet, and I usually consider them a payment for the free knowledge I get from the net.

Hey, does anyone here is really interested in this device? or uses adblockers?

Speed-Racer2070d ago

I hate products like these. Hope it flops. As a webmaster myself, this is exactly the kind of things that could put a blog out of business. Most blogs are powered by ads to pay for servers and staff, so why starve the very writers of revenue when they provide you with free content? Heck, I admit some ad agencies are devious by allowing questionable ads, but most ad networks have stepped up their quality to improve loading times and have cut down on crappy flashy ads or those that could possibly pass on malware to those viewing them. If something like this were to take off, then get accustomed to more paywalled sites like NYTimes.

DarkFireHawk2069d ago

I agree, also now a days there are a lot of good adNetworks, unless you run a questionable site like a torrent or crack site then yes, you only get to have the crappy networks as well. Besides if a website has terrible ads then dont visit the site, a site ads reflects on the quality of its content. Many use Google Adsesne and their ads are not annoying at all, in fact they are often ignored by the eye, so the purpose of a product like this is really into question.

The question is, are ads really that bad that you need to pay 120$ to get rid of them?

birkhoff2070d ago

It's funny!
I don't know whether I like this product or I hate it!