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Google Android Event to be hosted on October 29th in New York

The Future Post: Google has announced its Android event with ‘The playground is open’ in the invitation.

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Speed-Racer2047d ago

Hope they have something nice in store. About time I get a new phone!

Crazay2047d ago (Edited 2047d ago )

I'm still digging my Nexus and it's not even a year old buuuuuut...I might be convinced to pony up some more cash on a new phone since my contract is up and I think I want something new to play with.

I'm thinking we see a new breed of "Nexus" branded devices and probably a beefier Nexus 7 tablet to give the proverbial middle finger to the iPad mini. The Nexus 7 is near impossible to find already which actually does concern me because I don't want to see Tablets go the same way as computers did where it was basically obsolete within 2-3 months.

Speed-Racer2047d ago

I have a Nexus One, so I'm due for an upgrade LOL. As much as the Apple trolls would pounce on that, it has served me well and still functions to this day. The cracked screen though pretty much put a damper on things and I'm not feeling to replace it given how old it is.

thebudgetgamer2046d ago

Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

Snooki2047d ago

Will they be announcing the iPhone 6 at this event?

wjbjnr2047d ago

you're joking right ? :p

Wikkid6662046d ago

It's just Google trying to piss MS off. Oct 29th is the Windows Phone 8 OS reveal date.

Crazay2046d ago

Wouldn't that be a real trip if they were announcing a free Computer Android platform for PCs? I don't think they want to go there but there was talk ages ago of them wanting to get a piece of the PC market.

Wikkid6662046d ago

Already was in the news that Google and Samsung are releasing a $250 laptop.