Windows 8 Now Available for Pre-Order, Are You In?

Maximum PC: How will consumers react to the radical design changes Microsoft made to Windows in Windows 8? We're about to get our first glimpse. Starting today, you can pre-order the upgrade version Windows 8 Pro, as well as order Windows 8-based PCs, which will ship when the OS launches on October 26, 2012. You can also find OEM copies of Windows 8 being sold on a pre-order basis.

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justinbkerr1771d ago

Yes. I know i'm probably alone in this one, but I love Windows 8.

Crazyglues1771d ago

Actually I started off hating Windows 8 on My PC because it's a tablet O.S. -but I have come full swing over to the other side of the fence...

How crazy is that...

Why? Because It's actually pretty good. It's now my Full Time Operating System. (To explain just how that happened I'll need to Write a full review)

Which I will, just not sure where to post it.?

aviator1891771d ago

You're not alone. I dig the os as well.
And it's freaking fast.

mcstorm1770d ago

I have been using it for a few months from beta to full version and i can say im not looking to go back. I was unsure if it would work on my none touch laptop but it has improved the speed and it is running alot better than windows 7 did.

Im also looking to sell my xoom when the surface is out.

FlameBaitGod1770d ago

Not getting this anytime soon lol, MS knowing every program I install is a no no for me

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newsguy1771d ago

Anyone waiting for SP1?...

Software_Lover1771d ago

I'm not gonna change the O.S. of my current pc's, but I will be buying a windows 8 based tablet for work soon. I wanted the surface, but with the surface pro not coming out till next year I will either have to wait, or go with the Lenovo Yoga 13. That looks like an interesting device.

Grap1771d ago

for surface yes. my PC i will keep my W7 thanks.

Crazyglues1771d ago

You might re-think that after you read my review...

evil_element1771d ago

Ur words of wisdom enlighten my dislike of Windows 8 lol

gamernova1771d ago

Putting a little Obama on windows 8? I like it haha

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The story is too old to be commented.