Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5 display shoot-out: Apple wins again

Extremetech: Apple may be getting a lot of flack for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 chassis, but not for the iPhone 5′s display. Fanatic attention to detail is evident in the display’s design and its manufacture. DisplayMate’s thorough analysis shows it crushing all competitors in the smartphone market, and only being bested by its own sibling, the new iPad.

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justinbkerr1973d ago

People need to realize this is the single most important feature on a phone or tablet (platform choice aside).

SJIND1973d ago

I think the end user should determine it, not a display testing firm.

newsguy1973d ago

Bigger screen or sharper screen?...hmmm...

andresegers1973d ago

I'll still take OLED any day

TKCMuzzer1968d ago

Most top smartphones have great screens. The bigger screens are better in my opinion especially for things link sat navigation but thanks to Apples planning, sat navigation is the last thing you will be using the iPhone 5 for. ;)