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iPhone 5 vs. Wii U: Which will be the best piece of new tech this Fall?

PGN writes: "Apple is getting ready for their iPhone 5 event on September 12th and Nintendo is getting ready for their Wii U event on September 13th. Though devices in different fields, both will without a doubt be compared in some capacity over the holidays. And are the fields really that different anymore? Phones can play games and consoles can let you talk to one another from thousands of miles away. Of course, there’s much more to it than that but that just goes to show you that despite being in different markets, there’s enough present that comparisons will be made."

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DolfZigglers2111d ago

Today will tell the story of what Apple has in store which will be more of the same but people will eat it up. Then again I'm looking forward to it so no different here. WiiU will proabably actually do more for videogames that iPhone 5 will for phones.