The world’s most realistic racing simulator puts Ferrari F1 engineering in your den for $90,000

Yahoo - Turn three at Imola, the storied Italian race track that claimed Ayrton Senna's life in 1994, is coming up frighteningly fast. My left foot jams on the brakes as I hammer the paddles to downshift. Too late. My Formula 1 ride slams up against the metal barrier, its snarling V-8 engine instantly silenced.

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-Mezzo-2114d ago

This is awesome, but was a Jab at Xbox really necessary?

KingPin2114d ago

only a fanboy would take it as a jab. the rest of us saw them comparing this hardware to current gen consoles.

-Mezzo-2114d ago

I'm been called an Xbox Fanboy. LMAO

KMCROC542114d ago

Yet Xbox & one of it's games were the only console mentioned,but yet u think it was a jab at all consoles.

Lugia50002114d ago

"This Thing Makes An Xbox and a PS3 Seem Like Pong."

This would be the correct title.

fr0sty2114d ago

Technically if it were a jab at all, it would be a jab against ps3, because they are comparing it to xbox as if xbox were the top of the line current game system. It wouldn't make sense to compare a weaker system. Like saying "This thing makes wii look like pong!".

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Pushagree2114d ago

Still not as good looking as GT5.

fatstarr2113d ago

a jab at console peasants and plebs?
pfft people need to realize my pc from 2004 can compete with an xbox 360.

its just showing that todays hardware is miles ahead of what people consider "good graphics"

thebudgetgamer2114d ago

I think this is the best interactive way to play a game since the Hang On arcade cabinet were you could do wheelies.

A little out of my price rage though.

thebudgetgamer2114d ago

I can go without food, or living indoors for a few years.

Also I forgot the Hard Driving cabinet that taught how to drive a stick.

GanjaMan2114d ago

would love to do this and especially on the track that the legend, senna died. fuck nascar, f1 is miles better and speaking of f1 the italy grand prix is on today get in

BlmThug2114d ago

90,000 dollar simulator vs 200 dollar console. Hmmmmmm, no wonder it looks better, it costs 450 times more than the 360

ArmrdChaos2114d ago (Edited 2114d ago )

There are rules about posting. Read them or revoke his rights.

"The world’s most realistic racing simulator puts Ferrari F1 engineering in your den for $90,000"

Title fixed....not really that difficult....unless you are intentially trying to be an asshat.

Speed-Racer2114d ago

Seems that Yahoo edited the title long after this story was submitted. Anyway, it's been updated.

-Mezzo-2114d ago

Yes, they changed their original heading.

But the heading is still the same on their Main Site:

ArmrdChaos2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

Then it seems Yahoo or the original author is thus the asshat. =)

My bad...been too many times in the past when people took liberties with titles.

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