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Microsoft Unveils 40 Casual Games Coming To Windows 8 Starting On October 26

Mobile & Apps: "Microsoft's Xbox unveiled a list of 40 games that will make it to Windows 8 beginning on October 26th. The majority of these titles, twenty-nine, will be from Microsoft Studios. Some will be ports from Xbox Live Arcade, while others will be exclusive to Windows 8. All games are casual titles, meant to be played by gamers and non-gamers alike."

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evil_element2086d ago

Is Microsoft going to give the 20 million steam gamers all their games they own in their libraries?

They going to give us all our in game purchased items and working mods?

They going to support a dynamic PC gaming community whilst not charging to use their services?

Since steam will be banned in all but the most expensive edition of Windows 8. This preaches to the converted.

This sounds as good as EA Origin where everything is £39.99+ $59.99

KMCROC542085d ago

Sweet can't wait, FK VALVE.