Why the 3D printing revolution won’t happen in your garage

Extremetech: No one can deny that 3D printing is really cool from a purely technological standpoint. The idea that physical objects can be rapidly fabricated from digital files is fascinating, and could change the world. However, it’s very possible that we’ve all gotten so caught up in the 3D printing hype that our collective hopes have been unduly raised. 3D printing is going to spur a legitimate manufacturing revolution; just not in your home.

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badkolo2100d ago

your not looking close enough, in 10 years if not earlier , 3d printing will be the rage, and once it has matured it will start a new revolution, I see this in everyone's home, it seems early and to new but this is one product that will change how we do things forever and its not far away, yes its a little premature for home use but this is one area were it will advance faster then expected, new printer, new 3d ink and in the right pricerange and presto a whole new revolution is born

peowpeow2100d ago

I have a friend making a 3D printer in his own time. Cool stuff

badkolo2100d ago

its still rather early but 3d printing is the next big thing plain and simple and once they get this down to a more user friendly device and priced right then expect it to take off and start a whole new generation for years to come. Wew ill all be buying 3d printers in the next 5 to 10 years