Anonymous says it hacked 10M PSN accounts; Sony disagrees

ZDnet - Anonymous says it has hacked the PlayStation Network yet again, but Sony is denying all such claims.

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-Mezzo-1649d ago

Everything seems to be fine on my end, also i haven't seen any PSN Member report a Hack.

biRdy1649d ago

Anyone can say anything, its the internet.
"I hacked Sony" see how easy it is?

thebudgetgamer1648d ago

AHHH! panick, panic, panic change password. Panic

wishingW3L1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

and what is their reason to hack Sony again anyway?

KwietStorm1648d ago

They have nothing else to do. Sure as hell don't have a date this weekend.

BelieveinGhosts1648d ago

It would be impossible to hack Sony again after Security got Beefed up

mcstorm1648d ago

I would not be impossible as nothing is impossible but it would be harder than last time.

This is coming a joke now they started out with a point but they way they are going on its not just hurting Sony its hurting Gamers too.

I think Sony should employ someone to hack into all the Anonymous members and really play with there heads.

Anonymous do one and leave us gamers out of it.

Cryptcuzz1648d ago

I agree, this has got to stop as it is no longer cute or funny.

Before they had a reason, although I did not agree with their reasoning, but now, they are just being wannabe bullies and wreck stuff up for Gamers.

MaximusPrime1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Someone upset by Sony's successful Gamescom showing

KingPin1648d ago

Anonymous members must be having X360s.

no games to play so they ruin PSN for people who can actually play games.

Crazay1648d ago

Oh dude - this isn't the place to start fanboy wars over who's system is more "Core" than the others.

Back on topic here - I wish "Anonymous" would just get off it. Cyber bullies/terrorists. All of them

CerebralAssassin1648d ago

Just couldn't resist yourself huh?

BelieveinGhosts1647d ago

Anonymous members are PC Elitist, hence why they are Global Hackers

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