Watch an asteroid fly-by this weekend

Cnet : A space rock the size of a city block will make its closest pass by Earth while the Internet watches.

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chukamachine2133d ago

I might jump on as it goes past, anywhere has goto be better then earth.

AgentWhite2133d ago

it would be amazing if i can see it ....

DeadlyFire2133d ago

You know its funny that's twice in two years we see a space rock fly by. Someone aiming at us?

AgentWhite2133d ago

Lol ...we should track and shoot them !

iSpy2133d ago

If the comet was headed right for us would it actually make an impact or would it get destroyed in our atmosphere?

techie112133d ago

It's the size of a city block, it would definitely impact.

Dark_king2133d ago (Edited 2133d ago )

First comets are made up of ice for the most part this was an asteroid made up of rock/metals.

Second that would depend on several factors like what its made of and how that material is compressed.Also speed and angle play a factor super steep and it would burn up are explode.Super shallow and it could bounce off.

X-Alchemist2133d ago

article was posted on the 20th, and it was supposed to happen on a sunday. F*ck! i missed it ;_;