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What if iPhone 5 isn't called 'iPhone' at all?

Cnet: Everyone assumes that Apple's iPhone franchise will go on forever. But might this be the time to disrupt the idea that smartphones are phones?

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Speed-Racer2345d ago

Who cares what it's called. Fanboys will still gobble it up when it goes on sale.

eferreira2344d ago

Racer x hating another iPhone article. What else is new lol.

Speed-Racer2344d ago

Yea, got this new farm out in Texas.

PaPa-Slam2345d ago

Until these come packed with the product, the name doesn't really matter, neither does the product itself.

KingPin2344d ago

your comment is classic. lol

Crazay2344d ago

no "iPhone" name? ZOMG THE WORLD IS ENDING!

Seriously? Who cares? Apple people would buy it if it was called the "iCrap"(which I think is a much better name personally). It's painfully obvious that the name doesn't matter with their product. Hello "iPad".

mcstorm2343d ago

They will call it the ipda and say they were the 1st company to give us a pda like they did with the tablet.

To me there is only one way for apple and with what both microsoft and google have in store for us i see it happening.

kevnb2344d ago

That would be pretty dumb.

searchbuzz2344d ago

If its iPhone Don't Buy, it will still sell in the millions.

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