Windows 8 won’t play DVDs – so what?

Which? Convo: Stop those discs spinning - Windows 8 won’t play DVDs or Blu-rays. Well, it will if you buy an upgrade. According to Microsoft, DVD use on computers is in ‘sharp decline’ – but is that a good enough reason to strip support?

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KingPin1988d ago

but who doesnt install 3rd party media software or browsers for that matter?

Kurylo3d1987d ago

your right, but still.. seems kinda dumb of microsoft to drop support for people who suck at using computers and only wanna watch movies on their computers.

CryWolf1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Another question is why can't Microsoft support Blu-ray, in 2012 almost every computer manufacturer are upgrading to Blu-ray drives on all of there new computers/Laptops now.

GillHarrison1987d ago

Wait, what?!? This is fucking impossible... How the hell do I burn Blu-rays then?

Speed-Racer1987d ago

Install 3rd party software. Most off the shelf systems come with it included.