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The Flying Car Is Getting Closer To Reality, 'Transition' Completes Test Flight

NRM writes "Thanks to the Massachussets-based Terrafugia Inc, taking your car to the skies is no longer a distant concept resigned only to the pages of science-fiction novels and the visuals of films, the congestion-avoiding ideal is closer than you might first think..."

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SKUD2539d ago

70% of bad drivers now will takes to the skys. This can't be good.

C_Menz2539d ago

If flying cars ever were to become mainstream I think it would be much harder to get a license for them over a traditional car.

If not then we would have 80yr olds dropping left and right from the skies on a daily basis.

aDDicteD2537d ago

yup everyone will have a pilot license when that happens

aDDicteD2537d ago

i hope flying cars will be done as soon as possible, i want to experience to fly one of those while I'm still young and not when I'm old ^_^

though it'll cause a lot if it does happen