Computer Virus: How to Remove It

Yahoo News: Ughhhh! If your PC has ever been infected - or worse, if it's infected right now - you're probably groaning. Yes it's a pain, but the good news is: you can remove viruses yourself, for free.

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KingPin2551d ago

good advice.

but at the point of formatting and re-installing, thats where i would switch from windows to ubuntu linux.

Kurylo3d2551d ago

and thats where u stop using a computer as a useful tool or gaming plat form.

KingPin2551d ago

spoken like a person whose never bothered to look into linux at all and just regurgitates a generalized version of what he heard.

Kurylo3d2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Oh.. i know from experience... my 3d artist software wont run on linux. The game engines I use to develope simulations and games.. dont run on linux... Sorry.. useless to me. The games I want to play.. dont work on linux.

Linux is for people who are hosting servers or surf the web.. or want to impress the other nerds because they think that operating systems are cool.

I for one dont care about operating systems i care about the applications.