Why Apple Doesn’t Need Google Maps Anymore

Gizmodo - The new version of iPhoto doesn't seem to use Google Maps for the map features in Journals and Slideshows. It's a small departure, sure, but it signals a much bigger play. Because thing is, Apple doesn't really need Google Maps anymore. And it's only a matter of time until it severs those ties completely.

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AgentWhite2573d ago

Apple going all guns wrong . Can they sustain the quality that google maps provided .

Speed-Racer2573d ago

What are you talking about?

AgentWhite2572d ago

all other navigation apps are paid . i predict its the wrong move by apple.

C_Menz2572d ago

I doubt Apple themselves can, but if they can provide a FREE alternate to Google Maps that is of the same of better quality then it is ok with me.

AgentWhite2572d ago

Recently we have seen apple instead of concentrating on quality , its concentrating on legal issues don't know why ?

C_Menz2572d ago

Because most if not all of the major companies involved in tech/mobile are suing each other over copyright laws.

Usually there was a sort of "unspoken" pact between companies that they could put similar features in their products that are patented/protected by another company since it is the only way things will work. Just imagine if only a certain laptop was allowed to have wireless technology, or smart phone with a touchscreen... etc. etc.

Not really Apple's fault, but more or less all their faults along with law makers.

cyberbob2573d ago

I never have experience of using iphone.but i know their are lots of navigation application available for iphone and users didnt like to use those because none of them are free.

My first priority is Google maps but i like some of apple navigation application because some of apps also work when you don't have cell coverage

Soldierone2573d ago

If it works without coverage that is rather legit. The issue I hear from my Apple friends is it isn't as accurate with turn by turn GPS like Google Maps is. It's somewhat true, but Apple has improved theirs a lot.

C_Menz2572d ago

This is correct and those paid apps for the most part arent any better than the free Google one.

C_Menz2572d ago

I like Google Maps and it would stink for Apple to drop/cut them out. If Apple wants to provide their own service like this then fine, but it better be free since I sure as hell won't pay money for something that we already had for free.

Speed-Racer2572d ago

I see Bing Maps is pretty accurate, but they still have a lot to map out still.

mcstorm2572d ago

I agree with you here and Nokia Maps is also another good one to use. But now with Nokia and Bing maps being brought together I see this as something that can be a real threat to Google maps.

But this is just showing Apples biggest problem and it will always be there biggest problem as they need both Microsoft and Google around as they use both there services on Mobiles, tablets and mac pc.

NaViTo2572d ago

Yeah and the new system shows Madrid like Madriles... what a useless pice of ^^^^

I prefer Google Maps for sure!