Samsung Galaxy S III full specs: 1.5GHz quad-core, 1080p display, ceramic case

BGR : BGR reported some exclusive details surrounding Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S III smartphone this past weekend, and now we have received some more information that helps us paint a more complete picture. And as that picture becomes more clear, this sure looks like the baddest Android smartphone the world hasn’t yet seen.

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Elvis2277d ago

Rumors.. Pure rumors.
1.5GHz quad-core processor is possible, although I really doubt Samsung will use a quad-core processor based on Cortex-A9 instead of the dual core Exynos 5250 which is based on the A15 architecture.

1080p display? wishful thinking...

arjman2276d ago

Apparently the Exynos 5250 won't be ready till fall, so they don't want to wait till then to release the phone.

Sobari2277d ago

Would you even be able to tell the difference passed 720p on screens that size? I thought the individual pixels were already indistinguishable.

xtreampro2277d ago

Phone screens aren't like TV's or monitors. You can easily tell the difference.

Deputydon2277d ago

It would actually be a lot easier to tell the difference because a higher resolution also means there is more space for icons and what not. As a reference, look up the Evo 3D's 4.3 inch QHD display vs The Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch's 4.5in SAMOLED+ screen. The Evo 3D has a high resolution with a smaller screen, but still manages to have significantly smaller icons and and they are also crisper. Its a shame that HTC's screen quality overall is disgusting when you compare it to the Galaxy S2's amazing color and contrast.

WitWolfy2277d ago

I agree 1080P is made for 50" HD TVs and up... So im guessing 720P OLED will probably be the max.

fatstarr2277d ago

this is what i have been waiting for. these rumors seem so nice and my contract ends in 8 months :D

and i hope thats the pic of the phone
a couple months back I got into it with some ppl and got shit over it.

SKUD2277d ago

So with all that the battery last 2hr under full load?.

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The story is too old to be commented.