To reduce piracy, RapidShare throttles download speed for free users

ARS Technica: With the government shutdown of Megaupload and voluntary disabling of file sharing at sites like FileSonic and FileServe, the remaining file lockers are naturally getting hit with tons of traffic. One such site—RapidShare—has decided to handle the influx by slowing download speeds for non-paying users, in an effort to drive pirates away.

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Speed-Racer2399d ago

Oh that's why. Well it's sure working haha. I download my favourite TV shows...mostly because I'm not near a TV at those times, but I pay for I don't really consider it stealing per se. Anyway, I wish them good luck in maintaining a business, because even legitimate users are bound to get pissed off with slow data rates. What about the one time user who might just need 1 file that is 1GB in size? It's almost 10 euros for a 30 day account... guess there are other alternatives.

BeastOrange2398d ago

Its the new way to solve problems.....have an obesity problem?...starve the cows so there is less available!

AgentWhite2398d ago

It is not a proper solution to the problem . piracy is a much bigger and global issue and needs a global approach to tackle it down .

DivineHand1252398d ago

wasn't an article like this already posted days ago?