Here Comes Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Samsung Galaxy Mini 2

Knowzzle: Samsung has unveiled today the successors of Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Mini, respectively. Both phones will be available sometime after March this year.

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dilawer2405d ago

are you sure that the Galaxy Ace 2 will have an 800 MHz Dual Core processor? I am not so sure.

Bil2405d ago

Yes, it is 800 MHz Dual Core

eferreira2404d ago

wow there are more galaxy phones than there is iPhone models.

Shani2403d ago

But they don't look same and they have different features.

dazzrazz2403d ago

If i would wanna buy android phone now Im lost there is so much hardware diversity

KingPin2403d ago

but just pick the best.

HTC has their premium handsets, samsung galaxy S range is their premium range. if you gonna buy a phone now, just wait 2 months. Samsung got a S3 coming out which seems to be a beast on paper.