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10+ Best Google Chrome Apps to get you organized

TechFlashed : Guys do you wanna increase your productivity both online and offline? Here is google chrome app store bringing some more brilliant applications every day to help us get more organised.I can assure you one thing these apps will surely help you in getting organised . Have a quick look at these following apps and make your life easy .

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cyberbob2015d ago

Not a bad list but i missed graffiti,angry birds, music and more ...but still i appreciate the work

Marshal2015d ago

Above List is to get organized Not for entertainment or refreshment .

lroche2014d ago

google calendar's classic. been a long user of it before the introduction of chrome.

C_Menz2014d ago

I use Chrome and haven't touched the app store yet... Don't really see a point of it.

Marshal2014d ago

chrome apps are really awesome you will be amazed to see usefullness of these apps .